Advice on tax arrangements in both the private and business sectors

  • Choice of legal form of organization and change of legal form
  • Taking over a business
  • Investment decisions
  • Regulations concerning gifts and inheritance

Tax returns, bookkeeping and annual financial statements

  • Information and advice on all tax matters
  • Private and commercial tax returns
  • making applications/entering petitions in tax-related matters
  • Cash accounting
  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Payroll accounting, payroll calculation, social security insurance
  • Annual financial statement, explanatory comments on the financial statement  

Enforcement of tax law   

  • Enforcement of tax law
  • Auditing of tax assessment notices
  • Negotiating with the authorities
  • Provision of out-of-court information and assistance on tax payers’ rights
  • Representation in proceedings dealing with tax penalties and payment of fines
  • Representation in tax matters before the administrative courts

Management consultancy service   

  • Drawing up and managing the accounts
  • Calculation of costs, investments and liability
  • Starting-up, developing and consolidating a business